Baldwin's Body Art

Tattoo After Care


1.  Bandaged Tattoo should stay covered for 1-2 hours.

2.  After bandage is removed, rinse gently with water.

3.  Ointment should be applied very lightly when tattoo starts to look dry (4-6 times a day). (Applying too much may suck ink out of the tattoo!)  Recommended ointments are: A&D(1-2 days then switch to other ointment) Tattoo Goo, Tat Wax, or AquaPhor.

4.  Keep new tattoo open to air as much as possible.

5. New tattoos should be kept out of sunlight until healed (preferably 3 months or more, to let ink set).

6.  Do not pick scab or peeling skin that forms on tattoo.

7.  Relieve itching by gently slapping tattoo (do not scratch!).

8.  Do not swim or soak tattoo in water until healed(about 2 weeks).  Showers are fine as long as the water isn't constantly hitting the tattoo.

9.  When tattoo has to be covered by clothing, keep loose and clean.

10.  On rare occasions sensitive areas such as the underarm may have a tendency to develop a bruise like discoloration.

11.  Some people have skin that rejects certain pigments so a touchup may be necessary.

12.  For a touchup, just call Baldwin's Body Art a day or so before you want to come in.  If there's not an opening, we'll try to get you in as soon as possible.  Only the person that did your tattoo will touch it up.


Piercing Aftercare

1.  Never touch a healing piercing with anything except your own freshly washed hands.

2.  All oral piercings must be kept to themselves(kissing,oral sex, etc.) until fully healed.

3. Wash external piercings (Navel, Eyebrow, Nostril, Ear, Tragus) with a mild anti-bacterial soap and water 3 times a day to remove build up.  Then apply bacitracian around holes and rotate jewelry(for only 10 days).  Bactine works wonders for infected external piercings.  Soaking external piercings in Sea Salt will help the healing process.

4. Oral piercings should by cleaned with a 50% listerine & water mixture.  This should be used anytime anything is put into the mouth(this includes food, smoking, drinks except bottled water). The listerine mixture should be used for 2-3 weeks.  GLY-OXIDE can also be used on oral piercings to help speed healing. After a few days the tongue may have a "pus like goo" form around the hole, this is not an infection! It's the scab forming and it's totally normal. Tongue piercings may have slight bleeding for the first few days. Short tongues are more prone to irritaion and ususally take longer to heal than longer tongues.

5.  Common sense goes a long way with piercings!

We recommend X-pressions piercing aftercare spray.  It's convenient and it works great!